Su Misura

In Italian, the term ‘Su Misura’ means tailor-made. It stands for precision, artistry, and uncompromising attention to detail.

PERSONA understands that in order to be distinctive, this way of thinking must be at the forefront of the design process. Personality, environment, and lifestyle all play an intricate part in how a person’s sense of fashion is expressed. PERSONA takes all of these into careful consideration when working with our clients. In addition to styling- comfort and durability are equally as important. Therefore each made-to-measure item is crafted to your exact specifications by skilled workmen using premium materials.

In creating the PERSONA ‘Su Misura’ experience, our goal is to deliver a sophisticated approach to modern day shopping.


PERSONA understands that comfort and style are equally important, therefore each made-to-measure garment is styled to your exact design specifications using measurements custom tailored to fit your body. We want your clothing to drape and move as if it were a second layer of skin.
PERSONA’s garments are a combination of timeless classics with modern-day detailing. Careful attention is given to your particular needs.
We understand very well what sophisticated clients want and expect. We recognize different body types and interpret personal requirements to create a distinctive garment.
All PERSONA made-to-measure wears include your choice of the finest fabrics, buttons, stitching and individual styling details.
We never compromise our quality.
It is PERSONA’S mission to deliver a garment that customers can be proud of as much as we are.

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Each pair of our custom footwear is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans and must undergo several quality control tests before arriving to its final destination.
We primarily produce men’s dress shoes, but are certainly open to discuss creating any style desired- including sneakers and women’s models.
If there are certain styles that you’d like replicated, we can assist there too.

Leather goods

Our custom leather goods are hand-crafted in Europe and made with only the finest leathers and metal hardware. Each bag is as unique as the individual who purchases it. Careful attention to detail is given to ensure that our bespoke bags rival those of any high-end, luxury designer brand.
Not only do we offer a superior product, but we give you the ability to have our bags finished the way that best represents you.
Everything from the stitching to the materials used are part of the PERSONA experience that you control.

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