What is the delivery time for custom apparel and footwear?

Most custom clothing is delivered within 4 weeks (depending on availability and location of the fabric desired). Clothing ships to the home office for final inspection before being dispatched to it’s final destination. Custom footwear is typically delivered within 6 weeks.

Can I have items rushed?

Yes- any item can be rushed. There is an additional charge per item (not order) for this service.

Where are your garments & footwear produced?

We have relationships with various factories around the world for garment production & our footwear is all hand made in Europe.

What happens if a custom suit or shirt doesn’t fit?

In instances such as this, we will cover the cost of having the alterations made if measurements were taken by any member of our team. *We are not responsible for fit error due to customer supplied measurements.

What happens if custom footwear doesn’t fit?

Before issues like this occur, it is highly recommended that you consult a member of our team prior to ordering. Because there is no way to alter footwear fit, we can’t assume responsibility for custom error. We will however cover replacements for any issues due to manufacturer defects.

How do I get measured?

We are traveling tailors and depending on the time and place, we can possibly arrange to come visit. You can also have measurements taken by any local tailor and supply them to us via our form.

What are the available shoe sizes?

Men’s custom shoes range from size 6-15.

How are custom items prices determined?

Our suits typically start at $995, shirts $135, and footwear $375 and up. These prices can vary due to fabrics selected, your size, and the custom options desired.

Can I have items made using my own fabrics?

Of course. If you’re willing to pay for the cost to have these items dispatched from our home office, then we can facilitate this. *We however are not responsible for any shortages nor fabric imperfections.